Zapata Computing spun out of Harvard in 2017 to commercialize the quantum algorithms research conducted in the lab of Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Zapata’s team of founders include Aspuru-Guzik, recognized as a pioneer in applying quantum computing to chemistry and materials science, and Christopher Savoie, a serial entrepreneur whose past work led to the original DARPA project that developed the technology for Siri. Aspuru-Guzik’s research group has produced many of the industry’s foremost experts leading quantum computing efforts at Google and IBM. Four former members of his research group, Yudong Cao, Jonathan Olson, Peter Johnson and Jhonathan Romero, have joined Zapata as co-founders.

The Zapata Team

Since spinning out of Harvard University in 2017, Zapata has rapidly become an established player in quantum computing with an exceptional team of scientists. Zapata has emerged as a leading enterprise technology company focused on developing a powerful software platform and quantum algorithms to enable the next generation of discoveries— for a wide range of industries including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, logistics, finance and materials — on quantum computers.

With growing customer demand, Zapata is developing powerful, hardware-agnostic solutions for Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, implemented on the latest quantum hardware made by Google, IBM, Rigetti, IonQ and others. Zapata holds an exclusive license to a portfolio of quantum algorithms from Harvard University. Zapata is also a founding member of the Quantum Industry Coalition, an industry group instrumental in driving the bipartisan passage of the National Quantum Initiative in the United States.

Executive Team

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